About us

Jessi Dall, Founder and Owner

From a young age, I had always dreamed of becoming a teacher. It was an obvious choice for me to get my degree in Elementary Education. After graduating from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, I enjoyed teaching for a few years in both the public and private classrooms. However, a deeper desire became obvious to me. I longed to help each of my students learn and excel in the specific ways that he or she needed. As a result, I started providing individualized instruction through private tutoring. My Advantage Tutoring LLC adventure had begun. Over the course of the next seven years, the business expanded from tutoring two after-school students, to hiring 10+ tutors to meet with 50+ homeschooled and traditionally schooled students from all over the valley on a weekly basis. Despite the exponential growth, the fundamental values of a superior education, provided in a customized, relationship-oriented environment, has continued. 

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